Solid Result at Collandra North Sale

Solid Result at Collandra North Sale


Elders Tumby Bay livestock agent Braden Southern, Ian Hood, Hood Brothers, Port Kenny, Collandra North principal Sydney Lawrie, Kevin Brands, Kartoona Pastoral, Minnipa, and Elders Streaky Bay wool and livestock agent Darryl Johnson.


2017 2016

Offered 134 124

Sold 132 124

Top $4000 $6200

Av $1940 $2002

BUYERS came from a wide spread of areas to the 38th annual Collandra North Poll Merino sale on Wednesday, August 16.

It was a solid result all around, with close to full clearance, despite 10 more rams being offered than last year’s sale.

There were 132 rams sold during the auction, with another snapped up straight after, out of 134 offered.

The average was on a par with the 2016 auction at $1940.

Buying the top price ram at $4000 was Ian Hood, Hood Brothers, Port Kenny.

Mr Hood’s major farming focus is on Merinos, running a self-replacing flock.

He said Collandra North sires stood out for their dual-purpose traits.

Mr Hood had previously purchased from the stud two years ago.

“The top price stood out because it’s just a beautiful dual-purpose ram,” he said.

“It’s got the structure I was looking for. I was also looking for nice, white, crimpy wool and this ram had it.”

Also buying right near the top of the catalogue was last year’s highest price buyer Kevin Brands, Kartoona Pastoral, Minnipa.

Mr Brands has been buying from Collandra North for about five years.

“I’ve had really good success with the rams I’ve bought here,” he said.

“They’ve got solid, deep bodies and breed progeny with easy-growing, free wool and early maturity.”

A number of return, volume buyers helped put a solid floor in the sale including WJ,JH&CM Johnson, Ivanhoe, NSW, who bought 14 rams to a top of $2400 and an average of $1771.

Another major volume buyer was MJ&CA Clarke, Cradock, who purchased 14 rams to a top of $1400 and an average of $1035, while Stephen McKeough, Dawson, purchased 10 rams to a high of $2200 and an average of $1790.

Long-time client Steve Agars, Tungatta, Sheringa, bought 13 rams to a top of $2800 and an average of $2000.

Other volume Eyre Peninsula buyers included DE&MA Sires, Elliston, with nine rams to $2500 and an average of $1888 and HA&WR Feltus, Streaky Bay, with seven rams to $2600 and an average of $1971.

Stud principal Sydney Lawrie was pleased with the sale result.

“I thought it was a good, strong sale,” he said.

“I’m happy that all our clients had the opportunity to buy the rams they wanted.

“It’s great to see long-time clients, who are getting good rewards for buying our rams, as well as some new faces at the sale.”

Mr Lawrie said he was pleased with the line-up offered.

“We had a really good summer here, and the rams grew out really well,” he said.

“I’m also really happy with the new genetics we’ve been investing in.

“The focus in on being able to produce big, early-maturing animals that can cut plenty of high yielding wool.”

The sale was conducted by Elders and SA stud stock manager Tony Wetherall said the sale was a fitting result for the work the stud puts in.

“The growth-for-age, the bone, the structure, the wool quality and the wool cutting ability was evident right throughout the catalogue,” he said.

“That’s why Collandra North attracts such a large spread of buyers, because their rams perform in many different and varied environments.”

Paula Thompson


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