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About Collandra North Stud – Poll  Merino Stud

Lawrie Family generations

Lawrie Family generations

Collandra North is situated on Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, just outside the small coastal town of Tumby Bay. The property comprises approximately 6,500 acres, varying from rich flats rising to gently rolling hills, and an annual rainfall of 325 mm to 400 mm.

The Lawrie family has been producing wool and grain for over one hundred years in the Tumby Bay region, and have been at the forefront of new technologies and farming techniques.

Collandra North stud’s breeding program continues to produce big frame, early maturing rams with quality wool that is white, bright and high yielding. For our clients we continue to put highly productive genetics into their flocks, which in turn helps them to get the best returns.



A Poll Merino Stud was formed at Collandra North in 1977 with the purchase of poll ewes and a ram from E.E. Lang & Sons “Whyandra”, Georgetown. Since forming, important ram purchases have included:

  • Collinsville ram “Supreme” in 1981 for $34,000 at Royal Adelaide Ram Sale
  • Greenfields ram “PC30” in 2003 for $19,500 at Royal Adelaide Ram Sale
  • Charinga ram “83” (Hotspot) in 2008 for $8,000 at Charinga on property sale, micron test at time of purchase was 18.3, 2.7 SD, 14 CV, 99% CF
  • Greenfields “XP87” (Bond) in 2011 for $29,000, micron 19.5, 3.1 SD, 15.9 CV, 99.6% CF, sire Wallaloo Park “Maximus” mother “ Greenfields Leroy”